Infrastructure Audit

CTRL+V was approached by a large global company to perform a physical asset inventory at several of their locations globally.


As a result of a merger, the client required an urgent, accurate and current inventory of their assets to reconcile with their financials.  Additionally, the audit had to be performed with utmost confidentiality (internally) and a very tight schedule to get the audit completed. This project was performed at 50 global locations over a 2-month period.

Plan and Execution

To ensure that all the project’s critical requirements were understood and successfully accomplished, the CTRL+V team met with the client’s project team daily over a 2-week planning period prior to implementation.  The planning meetings ironed out all project details including data requirements, schedule, validation, site access and execution processes.  The in-depth planning with the client also provided CTRL+V the opportunity to provide their expertise and knowledge to compress the timeline and suggest process efficiencies.

After the planning period, the project commenced with (3) proof of concept (POC) sites in North America, Europe and Asia.  CTRL+V suggested these POC sites (in various global locations) to determine if our predetermined processes/procedures were successful and to implement any improvements if necessary.

After the POC sites were completed, we analyzed the results with the client to ensure that all data collected was accurate and up to the required standard.  As part of the validation process, the client had an internal auditor “spot check” the inventory for accuracy after we completed a site.  The CTRL+V data analyzing team scrubbed the results for inaccuracies and compiled the final results as per the approved template. A bi-weekly project standup with the client provided updates on progress and provided an opportunity to continuously improve our processes and deal with issues.

With meticulous planning and continuous improvements in the execution/implementation phase, all sites were successfully completed 2 weeks prior to the project deadline.  The client was extremely satisfied with the project outcome resulting in CTRL+V being their go-to vendor for IT infrastructure consulting services.



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