Your company’s security is a top priority, so having an asset disposal and data management strategy is vital. You never want to find yourself in the middle of a situation where your data or your client’s data has been compromised because of an outdated plan or the complete lack of a comprehensive and thorough data disposal strategy. With CTRL+V beside you, all aspects of data destruction are covered, including formal documentation once the process is complete.

Data Destruction

CTRL+V’s Data Destruction Service is a comprehensive suite of decommissioning services. From small office projects to complex facility/Data Centers, we can help with planning, organization, modeling for asset disposition, transition plans, de-installation of assets, migration of assets and a completely secure chain of custody. Our services cover magnetic, optical, or solid-state drives decommissioning by either degaussing (magnetic removal) or shredding. Certified data erasure is available for all data center environments. CTRL+V will work on-site or off-site to overwrite data across entire hard drives with a customized service to satisfy the compliance regulations specific to your company, industry, and country.

Upon completion of the disk erasure or destruction, CTRL+V will provide a certificate detailing the work undertaken, which can be used to prove your organization has met compliance obligations including a complete and secure chain of custody.

CTRL+V follows all global, federal, state, and local laws and regulations, so a trusted name is protected and disposed of equipment and data won’t become a future liability.

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Data Destruction
Data Destruction


Use Case: Data Destruction

Examples of applications where professional ITAD services were needed:

Cloud migrations

A European IT security company was migrating their non-production environment into the cloud. A team of engineers conducted an on-site audit report and an asset list was created for 859 pieces of equipment. The equipment was move to a staging area, where sensitive media devices were degaussed and then destroyed. The remaining equipment was tested in a lab environment and then resold or recycled according to local law and regulation. Client realized an equipment and licensing ROI of $218K as well as $66K in monthly savings on building lease charges.

Data Destruction


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