Data Destruction

“The client had strict data privacy and security requirements and was seeking an on-site hard drive shredding services for over 1,000 devices.”


Client: An industry leader in commercial real estate

Location: Co-location Data Center


As a commercial real estate firm that was responsible for their client’s sensitive information, they needed to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations when decommissioning their legacy data center hardware. The client had to ensure all customer data followed security protocols and was destroyed onsite prior to leaving the data center.

Project Requirements

Certified On-Site Hard Drive Shredding, Data Destruction, Regulatory Compliance, Certificate of Destruction, and Professional Liability Insurance.

IT Relocation

CTRL+V Results

CTRL+V enabled our client to meet their strict data security and privacy requirements by maintaining compliance, by providing certified on-site hard drive shredding at the client’s data center. CTRL+V’s certified technicians removed all hard drives from their respective systems and scanned each serial number.

Once all the hard drive serial numbers had been recorded, CTRL+V’s data destruction engineers loaded the hard drives into secure storage bins. The hard drives were then transported to the data center loading dock, loaded onto a hard drive shredding truck, and destroyed according to D.O.D. and NIST guidelines. A high-volume shredder was used which enabled CTRL+V to destroy all 1,000 hard drives in half a day.

Upon completion of the destruction, CTRL+V supplied our client with a Certificate of Destruction detailing the serial number of each destroyed hard drive and ensured all compliance requirements were maintained.


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